morgantown is a great place to
eat, stay, and play


Greater Morgantown has been recognized by well-known national media outlets for not only its wonderful food and restaurants, but for its charm and diversity. A unique mix of college-town and tourism, Morgantown is among the top-rated U.S. cities to live, work, and play. Take a look at the recognition that Morgantown has gotten over the years.

  1. Most locals know that Morgantown has great food, but others have started to notice, too! Morgantown was recognized as the “Tastiest Town” by the Charleston Gazette.
  2. Movoto ranked Morgantown the #1 “Most Exciting Place in West Virginia” for its nightlife, music, and art.
  3. Morgantown is one of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” by Livability.
  4. Morgantown has been recognized as a “Tree City” for multiple years in a row.
  5. Home to the West Virginia Mountaineers, Morgantown was recognized as one of the “Top 15 College Football Towns in the Country” by Bleacher Report.
  6. Morgantown is also one of the “Top 10 Best Places to Raise a Family” by Livability.
  7. Morgantown has been named the most educated city in West Virginia by Insurify.
  8. Morgantown was named #1 place to live in West Virginia out of The Best Place to Live in Every State by Money magazine.
  9. Morgantown is one of the “South’s Best Small Towns” by Southern Living.
  10. WVU Woodburn Hall and other well-known West Virginia landmarks are featured in the video game, Fallout 76, “bringing life to six distinct West Virginia regions” by Bethesda.
  11. Morgantown is one of the “Best Affordable Places to Live” by Livability.
  12. Morgantown is the 28th community in the U.S. to earn a Safe Communities” accreditation.
  13. WVU College of Law was named second in the nation for community impact.
  14. Morgantown ranked #5 in the “25 Best Cities to Find a Job” according to Career Builder.
  15. Morgantown ranked as one of the “Best Small Places for Business and Careers” by Forbes.
  16. Morgantown ranked #1 as the “Greenest City” in West Virginia by Insurify.
  17. Morgantown ranked as a “Top 10 Places to Retire Under $100 a Day” by AARP Magazine.
  18. Morgantown ranked #8 in the “30 Best Small Sports Cities in the Country” by Wallet Hub.