The Morgantown Marathon goes into its 6th year continuing to promote health & wellness in our community, while also showcasing the beauty and hills of our great state of West Virginia. The Morgantown Marathon has supported Operation Welcome Home since day 1, an organization that provides Jobs Resources For Veterans, and has helped over 500 veterans find full-time job placement since 2012




This was my favorite marathon hands down.. Plenty of police, fire, and EMS to keep the course safe and direct the runners… I absolutely LOVED how involved the WVU students were.. All of the volunteers were super friendly.. there was one part (I think around mile 24 or 25) where there probably should have been someone manning the intersection because it looked like you could go one of 2 ways.. And it was an added bonus that me crossing the finish line made the news.. I’ll definitely run this race again.

Brynn Marie

Brynn Marie

I wouldn’t say the marathon is an easy race–my phone reported 1,640 feet of elevation gain, and some of the hills feel endless–but you receive an unreal sense of accomplishment in return. The organizers do a fantastic job before, during and after the race (I’ve never run a course this well-marked), the runners’ vibe is great, and the medal is roughly the size of my hand. I’m definitely doing this one again.

Jack Witzig

Jack Witzig

This was a race of “first” for me. First road race, longest distance and first time running hills! I loved every minute of this race! It was marked really well. Police and volunteers were at every turn and intersection to keep us safe. Water stations were placed perfectly. If I don’t try the half next year I will definitely do the Mountain Mama 8k again! This is a well thought out and executed race! I can’t say enough good things about the Morgantown Marathon team! A++++!

Kendra Primm

Kendra Primm

Brynn MarieJack WitzigKendra Primm



Morgantown is known for its rolling hills and gorgeous views and the Inaugural Morgantown Marathon course will not disappoint. Your Almost Heavenly tour of the city will take you through all 7 wards of Morgantown, featuring festivals, bands, and spectators that will keep you motivated and smiling all the way to the finish line.

  • USA Track and Field certified course

easy registration

Register today via active.com and get ready to conquer morgantown

free shuttlebus

We provide shuttlebus service for free to the start and return you to your car when finished

medical support

Multiple first aid stations manned by the finest medical professionals in our area

drink stations

Fluid/hydration stations are fully equipped with fluids/gels and snacks every 2 miles