Amador Nunez to Finish Running in all 50 States in Morgantown, WV!

Amador Nunez to Finish Running in all 50 States in Morgantown, WV!

While some runners want to just finish a single half-marathon, Amador Nunez, an Anaheim, California native, had a much more difficult task in mind.  Run a half-marathon, in ALL 50 states.  Both logistically and financially, just getting to each state is an undertaking.  Running in them, consistently and without injury, to complete this quest takes determination and patience, and is even more challenging.  Amador goes by the nickname “Slow Runner” and plans to finish our punishing hills in a time of 2:45-2:55.  For those not gifted in math, that’s a sub 13 minute mile average.  He started his pavement pounding journey in 2006 and said initially, he would try and go as hard as he could on each race, but with guidance from other runners that have done the same, heeded advice to double-down, and pace himself for the long haul.  That advice has paid off.  Amador has remained injury free since 2008.


His passion has led him to see some of the most beautiful sights the country has to offer, and is intimately familiar with at least 13.1 miles in 49 states.  We think however, he saved the best for last.  He’ll face the elevation changes synonymous with our Mountain State and do so with a smile on his face, knowing that completing state number 50 sits right across the finish line, under the blue WVU Medicine Morgantown Marathon arch at the top of Beechurst Hill (It has many colorful nicknames known to previous runners).   Lots of friends and family will be joining him, as well as runners from the “50 State Half Marathon Club.”  We’re certain he’ll being making lots of new friends in Almost Heaven, West Virginia as well.  We didn’t tell Amador this, but we made an exception and set aside a special number, just for him, even though the lower numbers are typically for our full marathon contestants.   So, if you see number “50” on the race course ( I guess he knows now ), cheer him on and give him a warm Mountaineer welcome!


We wish you the best Amador, and are proud to have you achieve this incredible milestone on our “Country Roads.”  May they take you home, to the place you belong with the sense of accomplishment you most certainly deserve.

See Amador complete his historic journey September 23, 2017 at the WVU Medicine Morgantown Marathon

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